We focus on raising slower growing breeds.  So much of the food provided today at the store is genetically enhanced to produce quantity not quality.  This allows for more of a natural growth rate and a better tasting product in the end.  This also means that everything on the farm is raised and grown without chemicals, hormones, GMO's or pesticides.  Our animals are all raised on large pastures which we rotate to minimize the inpact to the natural environment.
Farm to Table Eggs
Our assortment of free range hens are all heritage breeds.  They receive lots of fresh grass, kitchen scraps and have access to NON-GMO or certified Organic feed.  Making for delicous eggs with almost orange yolks.

Eggs are $3.00 per dozen, contact us today!


We believe that hogs should be able to be hogs. That means rooting and running around in a wooded area like they should be, not crammed in a feedlot! We focus on this woodlot grazing   with extra veggies, eggs and milk. The grain that our pig's do get is Non -GMO. 

  We are currently taking deposits for pasture raised pork scheduled to harvest fall 2018 


We have several breeds of ducks free ranging on the farm.  They spend their days playing in the pond and eating up the bugs!  The supplement feed the ducks do receive is NON-GMO.


 Our rabbits spend their days grazing the pasture and soaking up the sun.  Rabbits are harvested around 12 weeks of age and make for a  delicious and tender meal.

if you would like to purchase live rabbits we can accomodate.